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  • hi,
    I’m playing around with a wordpress installation for a while now and face lots of spamming recently.

    I looked through the support area regarding this issue and found some usefull stuff but still – I feel I do not quite understand how comments in WP work.

    – I have an option to turn on/off comments globally and per posting.

    – I can require commenters to be logged in before posting

    Now, even if Cs are turned off and log-in is required anyway I do get comment spam. This fact seems to relate to the common suggestion to delete some files in the WP installation?

    But if I do delete those files I would loose the ability to enable comments for certain posts – right?

    Next step is: not to delete but rename those files and change some of the WP code accordingly?

    If I got this right, then WP has no real security but just relies on the fact that If someone knows the url of the comments.php he is allowed to comment???


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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