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  • At I am the owner/admin, and I have two people who also have the rights to post. When someone comments on one of their posts, they get the email notification.

    Because I am in charge of spam, I need to get new comment notifications, too. I’ve tried using a semicolon and a comma to add both email addresses, but it doesn’t work.

    Any ideas how to send new comment email notifications to more than one email address?

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  • Anyone?

    Still hoping for an answer…

    Doh, now I remember I wasn’t supposed to bump my own post

    Did you try putting each email address on a separate line? That sometimes works for multiple email addresses.


    It won’t let me add another line in the user screen. Hitting enter just submits any changes.

    I would like to know how to do this too 🙂

    I am the owner/admin for We have just converted our website to a weblog and are introducing many new Writers, at Level 2. My concern is the same as the person who initiated this stream. I love WordPress and since I am very new to blogging, I am learning almost minute by minute. I would really like to receive notification emails, in addition to the Writer who posted. Please find a way, dear creators of WordPress.

    Anyone else? 🙂

    I still cannot figure it out.

    One solution our webmaster thought of is to log out as the Admin, go to the article, make a comment and then click the Subscribe button. After that, you will receive notification of any comment posted after yours. I have done this with all the articles posted by our writers and it works beautifully!

    Mushiba – I did consider that, but I was looking for something, you know…

    easy 🙂

    Still holding onto the hope…

    Since the lack of response leads me to believe this isn’t possible, can this be a feature request? Thanks!

    Why not defining two new email forwarders at your control panel for those guys which will forward the mail to as many as email addresses you want?

    You mean within my domain control panel? Wouldn’t that result in my getting several copies of emails when he leaves a comment on my post?

    It just seems like this should be a function within WP. If I knew how it sent the comment emails, perhaps I could format the email addresses so it properly recognizes them. But, WP doesn’t appear to pay attention to a comma or a semi colon to signify multiple email addresses.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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