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    Several of my blog readers emailed to let me know the comment function isn’t working anymore. Unfortunately, I can’t pinpoint the error b/c comments work fine for me in both Firefox and IE. (And the spam gets through, too.)

    I’ve requested more specifics from the readers who emailed (what kind of error they get and browser they’re using). Lacking that info, what might be wrong? Again, everything works when I leave a comment. I haven’t changed themes lately.

    Thanks for any help you can supply!

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  • Moderator James Huff


    I just tested your comments and they appear to be working fine too. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to troubleshoot without either more info or the ability to reproduce the problem.

    A reader has since replied:

    I’m not sure which error it was. But I use Firefox. I tried several times and refreshed the page. My comment stayed in the box but still would not send.

    Not much to go on, I will keep asking around to see if anyone else has more info.

    James, I got your test comment. Thanks! I hate to say it’s frustrating when things work but I can’t get it to reproduce either. Thanks, in any case!

    Moderator James Huff


    Yeah, I just made another test comment this time with Firefox and it worked perfectly.


    No further detail on the problem but I’m still getting regular emails that comments don’t submit.

    Any ideas? I’m getting desperate.

    Moderator t-p


    I’m still getting regular emails that comments don’t submit.

    In your initial posy you said this:

    the comment function isn’t working anymore.

    I am confused.

    People are attempting to comment and, when the attempt fails, emailing me (via my contact page) that the blog would not process the comment. No trace of a “failed” comment appears in my Dashboard. The only way I know it’s not working is from the (regular) emails I receive from readers telling me their comment wouldn’t post.

    Moderator t-p


    I just left a test comment at your blog, like James reported in his post above, I it worked perfectly.

    Thanks for giving it a try! (Comment received.)

    I’ve deactivated the “email required” option in hopes that might be the culprit.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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