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  1. arthuro23
    Posted 9 years ago #

    hi there, tis is my first post, i'm fiddling for two weeks with wordpress now and have to say its really fine, but there's one thing i can't resolve:

    i use the rin theme (http://www.brokenkode.com/rin) on a sports group page which i want to have online by now ...

    by theme default, the sidebar was meant to disappear when viewing a single post, so i pasted the get_sidebar-code into the single.php ...

    so far so good ... when my friends started commenting, the comments begin at the point where the sidebar ends, which leaves a gap between the post and the comment, look here (http://arthuro.zirona.de/allgemein/ihr-lieben-stammtischler)

    i really want to get behind this .. so i if anyone can give me a hint, whether its a css or php problem, i can figure it out myself...

    thanks in advance


  2. lxg
    Posted 9 years ago #

    It seems that there is some closing tag missing. Maybe you want to check the code at http://validator.w3.org.

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