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    People are having intermittent problems posting comments on my site. I have been able to duplicate the problem, but as of yet have not found a solution. The following is one description of the problem:

    OK…I am having technical difficulties getting my comments registered and received onto your website and in order to solve this I have to try and find out if the problem is on my end of the spectrum or yours.

    So, the situation is such: only about half of my attempted sends successfully go through. When that happens, as per normal procedure, I click on “SUBMIT” and it normally takes about a minute for my comments to appear as received by your site and awaiting monitoring. All good.

    But what happens otherwise is I write the comment in the box, press “SUBMIT” and as soon as I do, the page disappears and reappears immediately with an empty box as though I had written nothing. I had a number of comments I sent (including a birrthday wish from Canada for your daughter and a tale of when the Dali Lama came to town) that never made it through. The problem is a “hit ‘n miss” situation. Sometimes I send and it receives and sometimes not. I tried to send a couple today but was unsuccessful.

    I have root access to the server, which is running RHEL 4. I’ve checked the mysql and apache logs, and don’t see anything wrong. Where else should I look? This is with WP 2.0.11.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know very much about wordpress, as someone else installed it and I just got involved. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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