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  • Hi All, I have a new installation of WP1.5 – New posts are added fine, but noone can ‘comment’ on anything. All checkmarks are removed so that anyone can post w/o my okay. Note that when clicking on the ‘Comments RSS’ link on the menu, my browser comes up with “Page cannot be displayed” and this is what is in the address bar “feed:
    When you click on the ‘No Comments’ link, the comment box appears, and allows you type in your comment, and click the submit button. Then the typed in text disappears, and there you are, still in the comment window. The comment never posts. HELP? Thanks, AJ

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  • Care to share your url so we can see it in action?

    Do you have “Logged in as . Logout” written above the box? If so, you’ll need to go into your admin panel -> authors/users -> delete the blank user.

    My commenting system does not seem to be working at all. Can anyone come to my site and explain what’s wrong, please? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it.

    You probably saw my comments in your blog, but both your RSS feed and your comments are working fine. I don’t see a problem at all.

    It may just be a browser issue.

    URL for applejack’s (beginner’s) blog is:
    Thanks for taking the time to look, any help appreciated, still inop

    I did some snooping around in myphp database on my server (hosted). It seems as though ALL of the comments that have been submitted are stored in the comments table, but have ALL been marked as SPAM. The selections for approval are ‘0’,’1′,’spam’ . I removed the ‘spam’ and tried again but to no avail. I edited ALL comments and manually changed them to 1’s and they now show up on my blog. I am not running any anti spam plugins or anything. My provider runs a spam assasin of some kind on the pop srvr, but i don’t think that would apply here. Any ideas guys?

    I figured it out, so it would seem. ADMIN/Options/Discussions, “Blacklist comments from open and insecure proxies.” was checkmarked. Removing this checkmark enabled me to place a comment. Thanks – now onto antispam issues…..AJ

    I’m having the same problem. If the checkbox is ticked and there is anything in the Comment Blacklist, all comments get marked as spam. I’ve tested with a long list and a single word without whitespace.

    If I uncheck the box then the Comment Blacklist works as advertised.

    But I’d rather shut out open and insecure proxies as well.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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