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  • When I allow commenting, all coments show up as anonymous, even if they enter in their info. Any ideas as to how I should fix this?

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  • seems to say that the comments are not anonymous. Can you give us an example?

    Pretty much all the newer comments on… When I put on “user must fill out name & email” it won’t let anyone comment.

    dri3s…i had the same problem. after pulling my hair out for 3 hours i finally figured it out. log into your admin, and go to the Users section. then click on Authors and Users. If you have any users that are not supposed to be there, then delete them.

    i believe when you do a blogger import, it creates a user with no name and with an email address of or something like that. for some quirky reason, that causes posts to show up as Anonymous.

    hi arkworld! i checked all the blogs i upgraded to 1.5 that were originally imported from blogger and sure enough they had the with no name. guess what? those were the very same blogs i had comments problems with, with comments showing up only from the administrator even when name and email fields were filled up.

    this was the same problem i had:

    and i did the suggested fix of commenting out some lines in the wp-comments-post.php but next time i’ll make sure to delete that user and see if it makes a difference.

    I have just spent approx two hours tonight, after two hours yesterday – I’ve reinstalled clean versions of wordpress twice, changed templates, done I don’t know what, searched the forums and all sorts…

    I’ve just gone in and deleted the user as mentioned above and suddenly I have name and email forms on my comments.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart – and please, can we highlight this thread somehow??? I know that there are ppl all over the web fighting with this problem – boy do I know it as I’ve found all sorts of suggested solutions by googling!

    I had no extra users, but catsudon’s “fix” of commenting out the code in wp-comments-post.php worked for me too!

    I also have the anon-comments problem, but if I delete the user@cafelog profile, don’t i also lose all those posts?

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    Garybibb, you should have a blank user listed under the Users tab. To fix your problem, delete any and all blank users. if you are at all concerned, backup your WordPress installation before you delete anything.

    I see that when I imported all the posts from typepress it didn’t give them an author, so I’m going back and changing the author to admin, then i will delete that user. hope this solves the problem.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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