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    Hi–great plugin, considering all it does. I’ve been running tests back and forth between it and the Add Link to Facebook plugin, and one of the main cons showing up with wordbooker is that the comments being imported from facebook are showing up on my site as me–the admin (though it doesn’t also use my gravitar…so, weird…). Add link to Facebook, on the other hand, shows the correct username.

    I’ve been overhauling my comments management in the interest of relaunching my site with a long awaited post, and after lots of delays, I’m leaning towards ‘add link’ for now…though i like some of the other features you have in wordbooker.

    Any chance this incorrect labeling of commenters is an easy fix?
    I am using Wordbooker: 2.2.0


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  • Plugin Author Steve


    What have you got the “Do not replace Gravtars with Facebook Photos” option set to?

    it’s unchecked.

    I should also note, the theme i’m using (comicpress, for comics)currently only works with gravitars; doesn’t post avatars from other platforms. Currently working with the developer to see if we can get that worked out…but since the ‘add link’ plugin is posting the correct names, I’m thinking it’s an unrelated issue…

    I see now in your email you indicated to check that option. I’ll test that and get back to you…but it sound counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

    Plugin Author Steve


    Is this when Wordbooker pulls the comments back into you blog from Facebook? I didn’t know that the add link pulled comment into the native commenting system. Wordbooker should be pulling the FB user name and populating the comment_author field with it before pasting the comments into facebook

    Wordbooker hooks into the get_avatar filter to replace the gravatars – so if your theme isn’t using that then it could explain why things don’t work as expected.

    Can you give me a url showing the problem so I can look into it.

    Or if you can reproduce it using the comments on:


    Then I can investigate it this weekend.


    Tested it–it did what I though it would do…which wasn’t what I was after: it used my admin avatar, now, in addition to my name…despite the fact that it’s not my facebook account leaving the comment.

    Sorry if my initial post wasn’t clear–facebook users other than myself are being listed as me when they make a comment via facebook, when wordbooker pulls it into my site.

    Ah–was typing and missed your last post. Let me try the test link first and get back to you.

    Actually, before I tried your links, after reading your post through again, I realized I should double check one thing in my theme tester, and am seeing that in different themes, the names show correctly. I already knew the avatars did…but i guess I didn’t look closer at the names, since ‘add links’ names were showing up fine…and just assumed it was the wordbooker plugin.

    I guess the theme really is the culprit…which bites, considering it’s unique for the type of work I’m doing, not to mention customizations invested into it.

    Sorry to have taken up your time. I’ll have to bug the theme designer and see what we can do.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Eric – not a problem, and if Wordbooker needs any tweaking to work with specific features in that theme then it might be possible to code those in.


    Thanks, Steve.

    If you do feel like taking a peak, here’s the page I’ve currently been testing on:

    btw, just to let you know one other thing that will look weird…but I think i know kinda what’s up…is I’m using dummy facebook accounts to test…and though i set up wordbooker with my main account initially, I switched to associating it with one of my dummy accounts so i wasn’t blasting my facebook friends with a bunch of tests.

    Anywho…it appears that the dummy account, when it posts via the website, is pulling my gravitar. I think it was doing the same in ‘add link’…can’t recall. I figure it has to do with some stray setting that would clear up when I switched things back.

    In any case, I think that sums up the oddities I’m seeing.

    One last question–
    I’m debating whether to temporarily use the ‘add link’ plugin, so I can get my announcement out…
    If i do–and therefore disable wordbooker–will that hamper your ability to inspect that page later?

    I’ve made the post private, now…but I have a plugin that creates a sharable url to private posts–so please use this link, instead:

    Can we use this plugin to auto post a blog to User’s facebook wall in a multi user wordpress theme ?

    Something similar which has implemented.( although it’s not a wordpress platform. )

    Plugin Author Steve


    Eric – I was in bed and I’ve only just come on line – Dummy accounts are odd things when it comes to Facebook. If those are dummy accounts created by you from the app you created for the Add Link plugin then it could be that Wordbooker is getting a bit confused. If you publish a single post using Wordbooker but then clear its auto posting settings but leave its comment handing working then it will simply work on the posts it knows about (i.e. the ones it published) and posts made through other FB plugins won’t be affected.

    Ashmid – really you should have started a new thread. But yes Wordbooker can work in a blog with multiple authors but with Wordbooker running all the Facebook activity through one connected account. Its explained in the user guide.

    Steve–that’s good to know about, that I can leave wordbooker active, and can set it so it won’t conflict with the other plugin. I have it off right now, but I’ll turn it back on and change those settings, in a few minutes.

    As for the dummy accounts, they are legitimate facebook accounts, just made up personas, so they should be acting like any normal facebook account.

    Question–would there be any benefit, do you think, to getting you and the theme developer in contact with each other?

    Also, as an fyi, the road i took to arriving at the conclusion that wordbooker and ‘add link’ handle comments the way I’d prefer was long and arduous…full of lots of testing and pitfalls…lots of education…and it delayed me making what was intended to be a timely post…so much so that I’m wary of delaying it much further. I would not presume that either you or the theme developer have the time available to figure out a viable solution anytime soon…and am therefor strongly considering utilizing ‘add link’ temporarily, as i mentioned before…

    …however, if you–by any stretch of the imagination–looked into it and thought it was a simple tweak to at least have the names show properly, I would easily opt to wait till the end of the weekend to post my article in the interest of using wordbooker instead. It is superior in several ways…

    …not to mention, the other plugin, if i deactivate it after it’s done it’s thing…the links in people’s comments which target back to their facebook accounts are lost. After what you said, i think I could keep it running in the background for all time, i guess…but I’m a big fan of de-cluttering unnecessary plugins…so if I can avoid using it altogether, even better.

    So, depending on what you think is realistic, let me know, and I’ll decide one way or the other.

    Also, thanks for you rapid responses–it’s great knowing you take such care with your work.

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