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  • I don’t think I’ve seen this problem addressed here yet, but I just recently upgraded from B2 and nowI’ve got a problem with posting comments.
    Whenever I try to post comments via the main page it says “Slow down Cowboy…only allowed one post every 10 seconds.” And it won’t let the comment post. The problem is, obviously, that I haven’t posted anything previously. I can only assume this is some anti-spam feature that is hidden in the code somewhere… can’t seem to find it, though, or how it might be fixed. And I didn’t see anything strange in my configuration.
    The other thing is that I can post new comments through editing in the administration system.
    There haven’t been any new comments posted since the move to WordPress, so I’m guessing this is happening to everyone who tries posting, but honestly, I haven’t tested it on other machines.
    Thanks, Jason.

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  • Hmmm… it just let me post a comment ? Odd.

    Ok, cool…so it’s obviously just a problem with my IP or something… is there a “banned IP” function, or something similar, anywhere in WP’s code?

    No…. unless you added it 🙂
    Have you tried logging out of your admin then posting ? No idea if this will have an effect, but it may help ?

    Ok, I’m obviously not the worlds smartest computer dude, but I finally figured out the problem and how to fix it… so I’ll post the solution just in case anyone else has a similar problem.
    It came about after moving from B2 to WP. Now, me being MySQL illiterate, I took to the tedious task of copy and pasting all my blogs previous comments onto the new WP blog, instead of just changing the table names. Today I’m not so stupid, but I digress… so anyway, while editing the time stamp on a certain comment, I accidentally marked the date a YEAR IN ADVANCE. This somehow tricked WP’s anti-spam thingy into thinking my IP had already posted too many comments, and therefore would not let me post. This could also be a problem for anyone who accidentally does post too many comments in too short a time frame, not just idiots like me who mistype a date, so here’s what you gotta do:
    SOLUTION: You have to go into your PHPMyAdmin page, SELECT “wp_comments” from your list of tables, BROWSE “comment_author_IP”, then from there you can edit your comments’ IP’s as you wish, or you can change the date time stamp.
    Grrr……. I can’t believe it took me that long to figure out, but whatever. Thanks guys! JasonC

    Good to know you got it fixed 🙂

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