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  • I have setup a site of mine to have the comments pop-up. I have run into an issue in the pop-up window: when I try to post a comment it takes me to a blank page. No redirect or comment after I re-launch the pop-up window. I also get no errors with this.

    Why is this not working right?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

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  • Can someone assist me with this? Let me know if I need to be more specific.

    yup. this is a bump.

    But to describe more of my situation: When I have the <?php comments_popup_script(); ?> enabled in my header file I am able to launch the comments popup window just fine, but it does not allow me to post comments. It simply takes me to a blank page after I hit submit.

    How do I fix this?

    Anybody know how to solve the above?

    Does anyone know how to solve the above? I would appreciate some help.

    bump… I’m seeing the same problem.

    As part of a custom theme idea, I’d like to use the ‘comments popup’ functionality, specifically using the ?comments_popup=(ID) option, to display comments and accept new ones via an iframe.

    I have an old local installation of v2.1, and it’s working absolutely fine.

    But I’ve tried several installations of 2.3.x, as well as v2.5RC1 and even, and none of them work.

    As 5115 described, when you submit a comment, you get a blank screen back. The browser address box shows ‘wp-comments-post.php’.

    (The comment doesn’t seem to be received properly; it certainly doesn’t show on the admin dashboard.)

    Does this mean ‘comments_popup’ is now redundant functionality?

    Quick update… this problem seems to be directly related to whether or not you’re logged in.

    If I’m already logged into my own site, and I post a comment, I get the blank screen. But if I log out and try to comment as an outsider would, it works OK.

    I am seeing the same problem here to, exactly like what 5115 has said.

    I wonder why there’s no reply on this issue!

    the same problem here… using wordpress 2.5 when i’m logged in on i just cant comment…

    until today, there’s still no response from anyone yet! i wonder.

    i tried whats1m0nd say, yes! it works if i’m not logged in. Somebody please help!

    Glad it’s not just me. 🙂 Having diagnosed the problem fairly accurately, let’s hope it gives the guys enough to hunt down the problem. I’ve logged it on trac, but there’s been no further update since.

    so many people have this same problem… no answer from WP…. nothing… it would be so nice if one of them just replied and said “we’re looking at it and we don’t know the answer”…. but no… silence… *sound of wind swooshing through the trees*

    I have exactly the same problem with WP 151…. !

    I’ll chime in with a same here as far as getting the blank screen on posting a comment. Thing is that only 1 post is affected. Which is quite strange. Changing the name of the post and the date does not fix it either.

    me too…ok so how many months does it take to get an answer??????

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