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  • I loaded up wordpress a few days ago onto my university account & have been having some odd problems. My site is at
    When someone clicks on the comments link at the bottom of each post, the popup window comes up and has 4 or 5x the content it should. in other words, theres 4 or 5 places to enter name, email, website, comment, and hit submit. comments still seem to work in some tests i’ve done, but still it doesn’t look so hot.
    Also, i’ve been having problems with extra slashes being thrown into links generated by the code. For instance,
    there should only be one slash before the index.php. luckily my server is forgiving and allows most of that stuff by. However, i think that might be causing some of the problems ive been seeing when i click on the category name or the name of the post. that link that i posted brings up a site without any of my css formatting. i’m not very well versed with PHP so it could be something very obvious i’m missing…
    I was wondering if maybe my DHTML menus could be causing the problem? since i installed wordpress, periodically the links give extra slashes. it seems to only happen when i get one of those strange unformatted pages to come up and try to use the dhtml menu.
    a friend who also runs wordpress on the same servers has had almost no problems but he used one of the canned index.php’s.
    anyone have some insite?
    oh one other thing, i’m using the latest beta which took care of one of my earlier problems with being able to install at all.

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    Make sure you don’t have any trailing slashes on your site URL in options.

    pesky trailing slashes. that took care of it generating extra places to put your name and whatnot, but now it crashes IE. i also still have the problem with clicking on the title of the post and it bringing up an unscripted index.php page.

    ok it appears that its just my computer that crashes. good thing i’m getting laid off on friday and won’t have to use nt4.0 anymore!
    however, it appears to generate 4x the ammount of stuff it should when you click on comments (reported by a couple freinds since allusion’s post).
    any more suggestions?
    btw, other than these problems, wordpress kicks serious ass

    Help! I need info on a popup error message… when i want a popup there is an error
    message that tells me that “a popup window has been blocked”. How do I stop the
    popups that I dont want and get the ones I do want?
    I really dont know how I got into this message board so if anyone can help me with this
    could you email me? I am not sure I can get back into this message board again.

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