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  • We are experiencing some strange problems. Our Blog does not react anymore to pings and trackbacks. I have tried to send them from other blogs but they do not show up anywhere. When comments are entered on our site I get 2 (two) mails for every comment.
    We have installed WordPress 2.0.8 on SQL4.1.21, and PHP 4.4.3.
    Anyone knows how to fix this? I have searched the forum but could not find an answer.

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  • I have seen solutions for earlier versions of WordPress.
    Is there somebody who can help me?

    Deleting all WordPress files and installing WordPress version 2.1 didn’t fix it. Any other ideas? Please?

    I have tried to adress this issue too. No answer from WordPress or from Akismet.

    Deactivating Akismet didn’t change the situation either.
    It looks like the problem is somewhere out of WordPress, but where??

    Well, that is impossible for us to find out. Someone from WordPress needs to figure out what the problem is.

    Well, I bet there are a lot of smart people around here. One of them might stuble upon this thread and come up with a hint. (I hope)

    Upgraded to WordPress 2.1.1 still doesn’t receive ping and/or trackbacks.
    Any other hints? Apache? .htaccess?
    help :.-(

    Tried a hint from another thread and disabled all plugins and guess? still no pingbacks or tracjbacks.
    I give up.

    Found out something today, apparently, ping are getting to my system because they were cached by wp-cache.
    But they aren’t anywhere in my comments/trackbacks list.
    Disabled wp-cache for a while and I’ll keep on searching

    Thats what happens to me too, I think, macbrick. I’m looking forward to hear what you figure out.

    Scrolled through the logs and foud something interesting
    Http Code: 403 Date: Feb 22 14:28:12 Http Version: HTTP/1.0 Size in Bytes: -
    Referer: -
    Agent: Incutio XML-RPC -- WordPress/2.0.4

    403 = FORBIDDEN.
    Why would my server respond that it is forbidden to access xmlrpc.php????
    I’ll keep on searching…….

    I have no clue – and I am on 2.1 by the way.

    I think the only ones able to figure this thing out are the WordPress people. Unfortunately they haven’t so far.

    Hi Iskew, I made a new entry in my blog and pinged your blog and my own blog. Apparently the ping got through to you, but didn’t make it to my own blog.
    I’ll keep on searching…
    Seems like your problem is (partly) solved?

    I think it’s pretty random, macbrink, sometimes they get through, sometimes they don’t. From blogs they hardly ever get through.

    I have tried a track back from Adam Kalsey’s Simpletrack
    this is what turned up in the logs
    anyone who knows if this is the right respnse from the server?

    Http Code: 302 Date: Feb 22 15:53:49 Http Version: HTTP/1.0 Size in Bytes: 0
    Referer: -
    Agent: Snoopy v1.0

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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