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  • My temproary blog is here ( and I have one problem. The comments pages are trying to access the wrong database to get the comments from.
    <i>Database error: [Table ‘tcorg_calender.wp_comments’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_ID = ‘1’ AND comment_approved = ‘1’ ORDER BY comment_date</i>
    it’s supposed to be retrieving it from tcorg_wordpress. I put that in the wp-config and everything. Does anyone know what’s wrong? Please help me!

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  • Is this an upgrade? It is using the right database, but it’s looking for a table IN the database that appears to be missing.
    If you have upgraded, did you run the upgrade.php file in the wp-admin folder?

    I think it’s because I’m trying to include php scripts for things other than WP. For instance, I want to run a ‘referral’ script that shows where the hits on my site come from..
    and the coding for it is:
    include ‘/home/tcorg/public_html/refer/refer.php’;
    and that’s messing up the commenting section of WP. Is there any way to solve that problem and have other php includes?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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