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  • For about 2 weeks now I hadn’t been getting comments on my blog. So I tried a test comment and it works fine, but if I have a friend try, it times out, and their comment isn’t posted.

    I have not fiddled with any of the comment files, so I’m at a loss.

    Can anyone help?

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  • There is something wrong with your setup…
    In FF the comments file wants to download 🙂

    all was fine up till 2 weeks ago. my host has no idea, and like i said, i haven’t changed anything. can anyone tell me what files i should replace?

    This may help:

    I am able to post comments only because I’m logged in as administrator. As soon as I log out of wordpress dash, I can’t post either.

    Must have something to do with permissions??

    Do you have Akismet enabled? I’ve had problems all day with my comments timing out with Akismet (not just with WordPress) – I believe the service is down right now, so comments are just getting lost. I also think that if someone is logged in, their comments are not submitted to Akismet, hence why you are able to leave comments when logged in.

    When Akismet is back up and running, try seeing if you/your friends are able to leave comments without being logged in.

    i disabled askimet. same problem.

    one more bit of info…

    i see that askimet is catching spam comments. if i were to go and allow one of them, they post just fine.

    yet if done manually, no good.

    Have you tried upgrading to the latest version of WP? I’m not sure if it would help, but your post states that you are using 2.0.3 which is relatively old (the current stable version is 2.2).

    I have the exact same problem at my blog. I can post comments when I’m logged in, but when I log out it’s no go, and no one else can post. Highly annoying. And curiously enough it also began about two weeks ago. My provider is Ipowerweb.

    Cashbag, who is your provider? I know Ipowerweb was having problems a couple of weeks ago that could possibly have precipitated something.

    If it is a permissions problem, what files must one change, and how?


    ilanderz, my host is Choopa.

    I tried posting a comment on your site….yes exact same problem.

    If u find a solution can u pls email it to me at

    I will do the same if u can give me your email.

    I have many custom made features in my version of WP. Upgrading is not feasable at this time.

    Will do, Cashbagg. My email is

    Fixed the problem by updating to the latest version of wordpress… I have several custom features as well that were not affected by the upgrade… of course, I backed everything up properly before attempting the upgrade.

    Hope you get it sorted out, cashbagg.

    Okay, well I thought the problem was resolved, but it’s happening again. So an upgrade was not the fix. Any other suggestions, anyone?

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