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    Hi All,

    After upgrading to 3.4.1 last week, I am not able to get the comments on pages to work. They do work fine on blog posts though.

    I have trawled through about 50 posts on google for this subject but nothing helped. I’m at the end of researching and I definitely need some help here.

    Page in question is here: I have set on the page the comments to be on together with track-back and ping-back but they just don’t show.
    I added through the WP-Admin console a comment and that doesn’t show either.

    I don’t know whether or not any of you can give some advice in relation to this?

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  • Howdy,

    Just to make certain: The posts on those pages DID show up before the 3.4.1 update?

    Can you try switching themes (only for a moment) to see if that makes a difference?

    Take care,

    I don’t know if they did or did not, as I did not had that enabled, but I created now a new page where I DO want them to be showing. I had another blog user that has a similar issue but there it was just the matter of enabling the comments on that particular page.

    And yes your right this seems to be a theme related issue!
    Using the standard included twentyeleven theme the comments do show on that page.

    The theme was installed for me so how do I get this to work?

    Thanks for your reply!

    Well, the code to add the “comments” block is probably just not included in the Page templates for that theme.

    Do you know how to add that code? Or can the person who installed the theme for you do it?


    P.S. as you probably know your theme came from:
    [ link redacted ]

    Okay, here’s what you need to do:

    1. Go under “Appearance > Editor” in your dashboard.
    2. On the right at the top, make sure you have selected the right theme (your active theme.)
    3. On the right there is a list of all the pages in your theme. Click on “page.php” This will open the page in the on-page editor.
    4. Scroll down and find:
    <\div><!--end .post-->
    5. Add the following line after that line:
    <?php comments_template(); // include comments template ?>
    6. Save your changes, and go check it out in your blog.

    For reference, this is similarly handled in the “single.php” file in your theme. The difference is that “comments_template” being left out of the page.php file.

    Give it a whirl!
    Take care,


    I could kiss you!

    That solved my problem completely!

    Thanks you so, SO much!


    oops forgot to mark it as resolved!

    Fantastic, man. Glad I could help!

    I am having the same problem. I am trying to follow your instructions. Using Standard Theme. I don’t see
    “<\div><!–end .post–>”
    on “page.php”

    What am I missing?

    Not all themes will have <!– end .post –>

    That was specific to the flexx theme.

    Standard is a premium theme with it’s own support, so you should check their support forum for an answer.

    Good luck,

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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