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  • I get about 10 to 20 comments on my blog posts daily, most of them I can clearly see is spam but there a lot of them that just puzzles me.

    I have a photography website for my business.
    People post on my blog but names the photographer either James, mike or Petrus, I am neither one of those. Second they always name the bride and groom and the bride and groom in those photos are not those names.

    Is there somehow a glitch where people think they are commenting on a photo or a blog post and then somehow it gets posted on mine ?

    Why are these people mentioning a photographer who is not me and mentioning a bride and groom who is not in the blog post or photo ?

    I am very confused !!

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    No, it’s spam. Get a spam plugin (akismet or cookies for comments) and delete them.

    I already have Akismet installed.
    I am going to install Cookis for comments and see what happens.

    What I dont understand is why are they naming people by name and thanking this guy for such great work at their wedding ? I dont understand how thanking people is spam ? I do get spam where they talk about weight loss and telling me my website is slow and have to switch to their server and crap like that.

    This is an example that was posted last night :

    Hi Mike,Hope you are well? Just to work and back to reality with a bang! I just watned to send a massive thank you to you and Danielle for everything you did during our wedding (especially remembering the rings!) and the amazing pictures which truly captured our day perfectly. To have pictures where each time you look at them take me back and spark another lovely memory of our day is truly a great gift Thanks Looking forward to compiling the album, Thanks againErin Ian O’Connor

    I dont understand how that is spam ? To me it looks like a WordPress Glitch where people comments on a blog post but it somehow ends up on mine

    This next one I can clearly see is spam :

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    Inside the message, usually in the overt link created on the name of the poster, is an url leading to a pretend site of the spamming outfit. The more links they spread about the the web the greater their karma.

    The words they spew are meaningless — even more so than the majority of words on the internet, whether on unlovely presidential candidates or other vapid celebrities, or the collected thoughts of deranged drug addicts or libertarians — it’s the scattering of links that satisfies their dreadful trade.

    Thing is, although there are much wicker people, I can’t see one redeeming thing in spammers, nor any possible value created: it’s like going around scattering small shreds of plastic along a countryside at random.

    Both of your examples are spam. Some spammers simply make more of an effort to disguise it so there’s a better chance of it slipping through.

    Also, although you have Akismet installed, ensure that it’s enabled.

    You can use my plugin for protecting your site from spamming or attacks by blocking IP addresses or usernames.

    Plugin is linked with my website and I am maintaining database of spammers including IP addresses.


    You can download plugin from:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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