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  • First, I would like to say that this design is neither finished nor optimized. It started out as a sketch and I just though it would be funny to apply it to a blogging CMS (and I choose wordpress :D).

    I’ve used some features from the default wordpress css-file, and I’ve made some minor changes to index.php because IE didn’t like the negative top-margins i applied to the footer. The sorry-no-posts-matched output has been changed to assimilate what a normal output looks like.

    Other than this I’ve tried to keep the default structure, just for the challenge of applying a design to a given xhtml-file. No ekstra divs or spans! (And the menublobs are made from the nested list :P)

    The javascript image replacement is not a good solution, I know, but since this isn’t gonna be used anymore, I really don’t care… take some time if you’re line is slow)

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  • I like it. The calender is slightly messed up though – the 30 and 31 are appearing halfway out of the red box. Other than that, top marks!

    Yeah, the calendar was supposed to be a blob like the other nested items in the list, but I had a hard to make it look good in any browser. When I finally solved it, Firefox was the only browser displaying it right (didn’t test KHTML, Opera messed up on some negative margins, and don’t even ask about IE).

    Very nice looking design. I am so new at this and just in the process of fumbling about attempting to customize my own first site, so am I understanding correctly that you did all this by customizing the default files that come with WordPress?

    Anyway, I’m using Safari and it looks good. My only nitpick would be that the calendar is right at the edge of the page in the top corner which makes it look a bit out of place with the other elements of the page, but you’ve indicated the calendar gave you troubles. All in all, impressive work!

    More correct I made this by customizing the wp-layout.css file (and some minor quirks with the index.php).

    If you’re new to this you should understand the importance of using CSS for the presentation of the page, and have the content separatly marked up in (X)HTML.

    WordPress does this and it is the beauty of designing with web standards. If all the (X)HTML-file contains is structured content, you can apply different .CSS-files and make the site look like new.

    A norwegian blogger I read have 8 different designs on the same page:

    Good job! Good design!
    But in the calendar we can’t see the days were there are posts, they are at the same color of the others

    I really like the outward design. However, your HTML is seriously impaired. You put a script and a table before you have the head element. The w3 validator also has a lot of problems with the site. I really like the text replacement though. I’m working on something like that for my blog.

    there’s a little space between menu’s titles and the submenu in firefox, but not in ie6.

    creative use of header/footer. maybe it’s just me but the background image could be a bit more subtle…it sort of plays with my eyes when I try and read your posts on that really nice deep red.

    other than that very nice. doesn’t lack of support of PNG in IE suck. good job gettin around it though. 🙂

    I like your design, but I find your orange-on-red text hard to read. Remember the design principle of contrast!

    ah yes…it’s not just me then. I think the titles and the dates might be ok but the text is hard to read. For me its a combo of the background image and as mkgago pointed out the orange text.

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