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  • Hello everyone,

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to have two different comment templates, the default one is being used for the post and single page. However, I would like to have another template for reviews in my archive.php/category.php pages.

    Basically, in my website I have categories for each “series/shows”. I edited my archive.php page so it lists the series’ image, description, episodes(posts) it has, etc. I would also like to have a reviews section on that page (my archive.php or category.php page) using the comments template. I copied the default comments template and called it comments-reviews.php, I’ve tried pulling the comments using the call below:

    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/comments-reviews.php'); ?>

    With this I get the comments fields but when I post a comment, the comment is being displayed on one of first post that belongs to that category and not being displayed on the page. I also tried using:

    <?php comments_template('/comments-reviews.php'); ?>

    This doesn’t display anything at all on my archives.php page. So, I’m kindly asking if anyone know how can I get this to work?

    I want to have a comments template on my archives.php/category.php and when a review/comment is posted it should be displayed on that page and not to one of the posts that belong to that category/archive.

    I hope I made this clear. My English isn’t that great so please help! Thanks. 🙂

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