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    I’m setting up the official FB plugin and have some questions about the comment functionality. I don’t know if it’s not working correctly on my blog or if I don’t understand what it is supposed to do.

    This is my desired setup:

    1. I post an item to WP, it posts to FB.
    2. A comment is left on site (via the WP blog) and it also posts to the
    auto-post created in bullet 1.
    3. If a comment is left on the FB autopost, it also shows up on the WP
    blog post.
    4. Comments get logged into the WP comment system

    What the plugin actually seems to be doing:

    1. I post an item to WP, it posts to FB. Unless I post via the iOS app,
    then it goes to the blog, but doesn’t get pushed to FB.
    2. If a comment is posted on the WP blog, it shows up on the WP blog`
    but not the FB post.
    3. If a comment is posted on FB, it shows up on FB, but not on the WP
    4. Comments don’t get logged into WP commentsystem

    Are my expectations off or is there something wrong in my setup?



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  • Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    1. You make a post public in WordPress.
    2. A new story about the post is created on your Facebook Timeline with the privacy setting you granted the application: share with the public, friends only, just people who work at The New York Times, just you, etc. You have the option to add a custom message to your intended Timeline audience at this stage. Everything happens around the author (you in this case).
    3. A Comments Box exists for the URL. Facebook accounts associated with the site’s Facebook app_id can approve or delete comments.

    Your expectations may work well for a single-author site posting all stories to that single author’s Facebook Timeline with a privacy setting set to public. The difference between access granted by the individual author, people who have permission to act on behalf of the application, and anyone who has access to leave a comment changes the required structure a bit.

    The Facebook Comments Box optionally accepts logins from AOL, Hotmail, or a Yahoo! account if you have allowed other login providers through your app’s settings in the Facebook Comments moderation tool. That Yahoo! user would not have the same opportunity to comment on your Facebook Timeline story.

    Just signing in to say that I have the same issue as OP.
    Comments posted on FB don’t show on my WordPress post. Comments posted on the WordPress post don’t show on FB.
    The post is public and the FB timeline post is public.

    That’s not terribly useful is it? good grief.

    I’m not sure if I am reading all of this right, but I think I have the same question….

    I write a post/blog entry and it sends it to my FB time line.

    Now what I do not get is if a comment is made on either FB or on WP using the FB comment….are they suppose to show up on one another>

    Comment on WP and it shows up on FB page


    Comment of FB and it shows up on WP Post

    I can comment on both regarding the post but they do not sync with one another. I was under the impression that they do? Am I wrong?

    I also select to post to FB on my WP and nothing?

    I have googled everything I can think of and cannot get this thing to work if it is suppose to work the way I thought.

    I am not that great at code but can get around with simple instructions. I am totally lost on this one!

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    Comments in the Comments Box social plugin are governed by the Facebook app, not an individual Facebook account. Not every author connects a Facebook account. Timeline posts can be non-public. Some sites permission comment moderators independent of the author of the post.

    If you have a blog of 10 authors and 8 have associated a Facebook account and allowed posting to a Facebook Timeline then you would be asking for Facebook-powered comments to be disabled for the other two authors, or if the author if the current post did not post to his Timeline and make that status update public.

    Some sites are setup to post to the Timeline of the Facebook author (at a privacy setting of his choosing) or the Page of the brand (public).

    On my site of 10 authors I might let every author moderate comments or permission anyone to moderate comments. On Timeline the comments belong to that one person.

    Facebook Comments Box optionally supports allowing commenters to log in using an AOL, Microsoft, or Yahoo account; your Facebook Timeline post accepts comments only from other Facebook accounts.

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