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  1. dimeco
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have 3.3.1 set as a multisite.

    It is *only* for me as a demo (to test themes and layouts), so I have the registration blocked.

    On every demo that I've put up, I set it to NO comments:

    - user must be registered to comment (but registration is not allowed)
    - user MUST be approved to comment
    - Close comments after 1 day (in case I missed a post)

    I even have the site blocked from search engines, although it wasn't at first (I fixed that a few days ago).

    Comments are somehow still getting through. They seem to be posting on "pages" (sample page) - but I can't figure out how, because I don't even have a "turn comments off" option for pages.

    How do I block it so that no matter what, people cannot post comments? They're obviously always spam, and I did turn off the notify me because I can't be bothered anymore receiving the notices, but it is annoying to have to go in and delete them when they shouldn't even be allowed in the first place with my settings.


  2. They're probably hitting the comments form directly. You can try blocking it via .htaccess


    Or use something like Cookies for Comments.

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