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  • Regarding email notification when new comment is posted. I receive email notification if moderation is not required and the new comment is published. If moderation is required, I don’t receive an email notification until after I moderate and approve the comment (at which point I don’t really need to be notified about it). Is this the correct behavior? Is a hack required (and/or available) to send an email notification when a new comment has been submitted but awaiting moderation? I thought I saw some discussion about this a while back, but can’t track it down tonight.

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  • hi
    there should be a setting (or a box to check) to say send email to admin or something when a comment needs approving
    it should be on the same page as the option where you select moderation
    it is on my nightly

    @harpshot, what Lilandra means to say is that there is a setting in WordPress where you can choose to receive an email when a comment needs approving.

    There used to be a “moderation_notify” field, and it really should be there, so perhaps you can post this missing option as a bug in the thread allusion started requesting that the latest aalpha be tested, so it will get the dev’s attention.
    this is the thread I meant.

    I don’t know about anyone else’s but, under “Options” -> “General Blog Settings”, I have the following options (they are the last three on my screen):
    comments_notify — set this to true to let every author be notified about comments on their posts – I have mine set to True, and it works, so far.
    comment_moderation — If enabled, comments will only be shown after they have been approved. – Currently mine is set to “None” but that’s the way I want it. Set this to “Manual” to turn on moderation.
    moderation_notify — Set this to true if you want to be notified about new comments that wait for approval – Set to “True” – I ‘ve got this one turned on because I’m also using the Blacklist hack to prevent spam.

    TG: Those are not available on my General Options page, at least on the installation I can access from work at the moment. I haven’t updated it from CVS for about a week. Near as I can remember, though, my sandbox at home, which is updated through April 25 CVS, doesn’t have those settings, either. Now that you mention it, though, I seem to recall seeing those in an earlier version.
    2f: I wasn’t prepared to call it a bug, because of the semantics. We have at least two words at play under “Discussion Options”: “posted” and “appear”, plus perhaps “publish” and “submit”. Technically, if “posted” means “appear” as in “published”, then a comment awaiting moderation hasn’t been “posted” and shouldn’t generate an email. But if a comment that’s “posted” is supposed to mean one that’s “submitted” but awaiting moderation, then an email should be sent. Hence my confusion as to whether the behavior I’m seeing is correct or incorrect in the eyes of the developers.
    I’ll play with it a little more this evening and post it as a “bug” if I think I can justify it. I didn’t want to get in the way in a different thread if this is the design or just a quirk in my installation. Also, I generally assume developers are checking *all* the topics in the beta discussion section.

    I think you are safe in calling it a bug. I tested it out with a few spam comments I posted, which got marked for moderation, but did not result in a mail to me, asking me to approve/deny it.

    Thanks for checking. At least I know it’s not just me! The flip side is that if I *don’t* specify that moderation is required (so that comments “appear” or are “posted” immediately), then I *do* get email notification about new comments.

    @harpshot, that is expected! If there is no moderation, then you should get a mail notification for each comment that is posted(and all comments get posted)
    @tg – This is about the options in the 1.2 alpha flavor.

    Indeed, but in practice I don’t need the email if I’m letting comments appear without moderation (unless I’m worried I might need to hurry and delete one, in which case I should be requiring moderation in the first place). I need the email to let me know a comment’s been submitted and is awaiting moderation. Otherwise, I don’t know it’s there unless I go the whole nine yards and log in, go to the edit page, and check to see if there’s anything waiting in the moderation queue. Still think it’s a bug? I’m still not sure. What I do know for sure is that after installing tonight’s CVS, the author’s name has disappeared from all the posts! Now that looks like a bug for another thread!

    I agree. If I have comment moderation turned on, I should get an email letting me know a comment was made and I need to approve or reject it. In 1.0.2 this works fine. In 1.2 alpha this is not the case. Why did it change?
    Also. You cannot turn off allow comments in 1.2 on a per post basis as the options page indicates. Maybe I need to post this as well as a bug so that it will get fixed.

    Oh-boy! Notification of new comment in queue appears to be working in 1.2-beta! I’m getting emails that say, “A new comment on the post #24 “Version 1.2 Beta” is waiting for your approval.” I need to go back and check, it seemed like it only worked if *both* boxes were checked: notify when comment posted *and* notify when comment approved or declined. But even so, I’ll take it!

    Hmm, I am running 1.2 and am getting no notification of comments. I am finding them by accident (not a good feeling). I have the options set to notify me but so for no love. I know the host can send email (I have tried to change the admin’s password and the email part of that works).
    Anyone have this working in 1.2 release?

    Well, this is interesting. I toggled the setting off (it was on), saved it, toggled it back on, and when I replied to a comment I found, I got an email notification.
    So perhaps the toggled on bit in the UI is not really indicative of how things are under the hood.

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