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  • Hi all,

    So I’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress a month or so ago. And I’ve been having a problem with comments on my blog.
    The thing is, or so I finally realised after quite a bit of frustration is that people can comment when either:

    1) they don’t put in their own website in the comment form
    2) they put in their website in the comment form without using ‘http://’

    If they do put (or when it is automatically filled in) http://websiteadress in the comment form there is this stupid message saying:

    ‘Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.’

    Since I’m still such a WordPress noob I don’t have a clue as how to fix this, can anyone here help me please?

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  • I have never seen this problem before and I am not sure if I can be of help.

    Are your comments moderated. Go to Settings > Discussion in your WordPress Control Panel and set “Before a comment appears” to “Before a comment appears Comment must be manually approved” just to make sure all comments are moderated by you before they appear.

    Do you have any plugins that affect the comments? Try deactivating all your plugins and see if you have this problem. You could try a basic WordPress theme like Twenty Eleven, or Twenty Twelve … and check if this message still occurs.

    See if you get the same “Service …” message without the plugins. If you don’t get the message then probably there is some conflict with one of your plugins. Put them back one at a time and test if you get the same error message. That way you can find which plugin is causing the message.

    Last of all it may be a genuine error message if you server is overloaded. Last option if you cannot find a solution is to ask your server tech support to move your website to a different server but lets try out the other options first.

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