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    Hi @nicopaleo,
    I am still digging in the dark, but if it is not related to the caching, we could try, if this helps:

     * Plugin Name: Antispam Bee - Secret Generator
     * Description: Generate your own Antispam Bee secrets.
     * Generates a new name for the textarea.
     * @param string $secret The secret.
     * @return string
    function ab_get_static_name_secret( $secret ) {
    	return '43fgsg-daf';
     * Generates a new id for the textarea.
     * @param string $secret The secret.
     * @return string
    function ab_get_static_id_secret( $secret ) {
    	return '78dfmgdxdw';
    add_filter( 'ab_get_secret_name_for_post', 'ab_get_static_name_secret' );
    add_filter( 'ab_get_secret_id_for_post', 'ab_get_static_id_secret' );

    This is an add on plugin for Antispam Bee I’ve just developed. It’s job is to take care about some naming in the Honeypot system. The problem you describe looks like Antispam Bee is not able to detect the comments text before passing it to the WordPress comment system. With this plugin, we make sure, we have a fixed key for this text.

    What to do?
    * Activate Antispam Bee
    * Activate the plugin above
    * Flush the cache

    I do not really know, if this will work in the end, because as I said, I am still digging in the dark. But please tell me, if it works or not, because if it does, we have quite well localized the problem ( & fixed it for you) and can ship a better version the next time.

    Thank you 🙂

    if it will help, you can get admin-account from me ?!
    If you are interested, I need your mail address or anything else to send you a message.

    Is there something new?

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    We did as @websupporter suggested and installed the hotfix. So far it works.

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    Thx !

    I had the same issue, $comment_content in wp_handle_comment_submission() was empty so WP threw an error

    Thank you @websupporter for the fix

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    Hi @perseusix,
    sorry for not coming back to you earlier. It was a troublesome week. I hope the hotfix works also for you. Thanks for the invitation to investigate this problem deeper on your site, but I would be happy, if we could avoid this.

    @nicopaleo, @ltkl,
    I am very happy to hear it works for you. I think I have now a quite good idea, whats going on and how to solve this for the next minor version of Antispam Bee.


    when will you release an official bugfix? Since the last update it does not work on my website either…


    I just found this thread and it knocked me off.
    I’ve posted a post yesterday with the 5 plugins I recommend installing on each WP installation. One of them is AntiSpam Bee!

    I was frustrated to see there are no comments to the post, although many have read it. Now I understand why.

    When will there be a fix for this issue? I can’t allow myself not to have comments.


    I’m sorry but I do not know how I can create the plugin to eliminate this error. Could you describe this more precisely, or make an update promptly?

    Thank you 😉

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    I was hoping to tell you, the new version is out and fixes the problem, but since we just run into another problem with exactly this issue here is what you can do, to apply the hotfix.

    – Take a plain text editor (like Notepad, no Office or something!)
    – Save the hotfix as for example “hotfix.php”
    – Upload the file into wp-content/plugins/
    – Go into your admin area and Plugins
    – You should see a plugin with the name “Antispam Bee – Secret Generator”
    – Activate it.

    I hope this helps. We really thought, we got a good solution (as we are not particuarly happy with the hotfix as a permanent solution. It works though, you can use it), but just before two hours, we’ve learnt (, obviously, the problem persists.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Same error on a client site. Only other plugins active were:

    AdThrive Ads
    Akismet Anti-Spam
    And The Winner Is…

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