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  • Hi Guys,

    Ive been fiddling with WP for a while now, and I really want to understand it properly.

    Ive got a problem with this site I run:
    The comments (here: wont work for some reason. I KNOW the problem is theme related, as it works peachy pie when I revert to twentyeleven.

    So my question is… What in the theme folder deals with comments? Where do I start my troubleshooting process?

    Any tips would be hugely appreciated. Oh, and if you think the site looks rubbish/fantastic, also cool to know.

    Thanks guys! Anybody who can help gets a beer and a pizza! 😉

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  • Give us a little more info about your theme and specifically about the file ‘comments.php’.

    And explain what does not work: not display comments? not allow comments? not count properly comments?…

    It was displaying everything, but when you click the ‘submit’ button, nothing happened.

    I just replaced the comment.php file with the comment.php file from Twentyeleven, and that fixed it.

    But… I want to know WHAT in the comment.php file was the problem. So Im looking at the differences in the files with Examdiff, but it is too much. Ill keep looking and post the results when I find it.

    Thanks for your help though.



    This issue sounds like mine on Any ideas?

    Help! None of my recent posts will accept comments.A comment contact explained it this way: “After I submitted a comment on your blog and nothing came through. A window popped up saying More Information Required: Please enter the Captcha response”.
    It seemed like the problem started after I updated the media plug-in. I hate the new media format and would like to go back to the original, but don’t know how to un-do it. I used to be able to upload pictures to a post and they remained attached to that post. Now they go into the whole line-up since ‘Adam’ and I have to search for the right ones. The reason I updated was because I figured new was better. Now I’m not sure that I want to update anything. Should I be this freaked?
    Any ideas how to undo it, and more importantly how can I fix my comments? I’m not a php geek.
    I would so appreciate any assistance!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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