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  • Hi all,

    This is driving me crazy, so I will be very grateful for any advice. My web was working OK after opening it five days ago. However, the comments system failed and I can’t see why.

    What happens: users may enter their comments but they are not forwarded, the form collapses nicely and shows again the comment with no error message and no further action. According to Firebug there is a 404 on wp-comments-post.php.

    I have my WP install in a /wp/ folder but my site is defined on the root. Forcing comments.php to output Siteurl var, it shows correctly as “/wp”. However, the 404 error message (originated a few code lines below, at the click of the ‘Submit’ button) refers to a “/wp-comments-post.php” so that it searches the php file in the root, where it is not found of course. Subsequent chained code files are also searched in that folder (giving subsequent error messages), as I can see by placing a copy of wp-comments-post.php in the root folder for testing.

    Can’t understand why or who is looking for code in a place where it is not defined to be. My knowledge is limited, anyway. I have checked my root .htacces and index.php and they are ok; and if they were wrong, it would affect the whole site, not only the comment section. Other sections are working nicely.

    This is happening from a couple of days ago, it was previously working OK. The only thing that changed were probably a couple of activated/deactivated plugins in final web production.

    Any help will be much appreciated!


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