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  • I tried upgrading from the 04-Aug bleeding edge, and I see comments arent showing up (but no error to be seen). I replaced the old index.php with the new one (included in the 10-aug build), and it doesnt even work in that one.
    Sorry if this is a known “bug”.

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  • No its not a bug – at least not that I can ascertain. Perhaps you have not updated a couple of files you have tweaked with new code? Maybe wp-comments?

    well.. i’m using the 10-aug build, and my comments are working fine

    i can’t see my comments as well…

    i also went back and installed the nightly all by itself, keeping only the config file. its still not working right.

    I think you need to write the permalink rules to the .htaccess file, I had the same problem on my cvs tester blog and that solved it.

    surely there’s an explination somewhere already about how to “write the permalink rules to the .htaccess file”?
    i guess i dove into the deep end a bit too soon. pardon me while i paddle away, please excuse…

    Just copy what is displayed once you update your permalinks in the permalink options and paste it into a file called “.htaccess” in the directory of your blog.

    i presume you mean the permalink options here:
    and i’m not certain my host will let me DO a mod_rewrite. i see this:
    if you put a filename at the beginning WordPress will attempt to use that to pass the arguments, for example:
    If you use this option you can ignore the mod_rewrite rules.
    relevant to trying to skirt the permalinks problem?

    actually, yes. it was relevant. for anyone hoping to solve the problem with permalinks etc. in the newest build, and who also doesn’t have the ability to use a .htaccess file w/o an error, my previous post mentions a solution that has worked for me.
    now, about those trackbacks….

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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