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  • Hi all,
    I’m in an interesting discussion on a blog but every time an email notifies me of someone’s reply I click on it only to go back to the top of the page.

    It would be nice to go to the actual place in the conversation where someone replied to me.

    Any news on whether BBpress functionality will flow naturally into the comments section? BBpress should be really integrated into WP, so that a few things happen.

    1. Blog articles naturally flow into “forum” activity.

    I’ve always wanted the neat look of a blog that then flows naturally into forum discussions, but nothing quite fits the bit… EG: Simple Machines Forum (SMF from hereon) doesn’t quite have the nice WP blog look, and is ALL forum. Very grunty and works-out-of-the-box, but doesn’t quite cut it with navigating between various categories of MAIN ARTICLE discussion.

    So one solution I was thinking of was setting up a WP blog AND a SMF forum, and having the main article in WP, properly categorised, but then creating a link at the end of the article for “discussion” and that would take them over to SMF!

    This is a bit clunky because then they have to sign up with SMF and their gravatar doesn’t work etc. But that is what I was thinking of doing, mainly because the comments section of WP is still so limited compared to a fully functioning WYSIWYG enabled forum.

    So, in summary, articles flow naturally into forum type discussions.

    2. “Blog view or Forum view”
    Given that the database and functionality would be roughly the same, when typing into a much larger discussion the view could change. When I arrive at the site I see the blog layout. But there’s a big button up the top for “Forum”. If I click on that, I see all the “Forum categories” and recent discussions much like an SMF view. Why this?

    Because the blog/s would have the main author/s articles, but communities and forums are places where members can ask the “blog experts” stuff they like by opening a new thread.

    So Blog view would enable all those great WP browsing features we already know and love, and “FORUM VIEW” would enable the more community orientated aspects of pretty much the SAME databases, but probably with a few extras. “FORUM VIEW” would immediately file main blog articles into forum categories, and browsers would look through the recent discussions and maybe see the “OFFICIAL” blog articles highlighted in red (or whatever main colour). But then there’d be all the other forum chit-chat stuff and new users asking questions of the experts, etc. and these would display in the forum guides etc.

    Anyway, just a thought to enable better blogging & community interaction.

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