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  • I have wordpress installed on two diffrent sites. On both sites I upgraded from 0.7 to 0.71. However in doing so I no longer recive an email when a comment is posted. I have rechecked my configration file to make sure that it has a) a correct email address, and b) permission to email new comments to authors. Am I missing something? Thank you for any help!!

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  • There was a problem with this but it was fixed by the .71 release I believe. Could you tell me what you have on line 111 of

    I just noticed this on my own site – it seems that WordPress is assuming that the comment author is including an email address (which can be made optional). This results in a From line like “From: So-And-So <>” which is invalid, and some mail servers will reject mail on this basis.
    IIRC, B2 used to use its own admin address to send all notifications, regardless of whether the comment author provided an address. Perhaps WordPress should use this as a fallback?

    Hmm, I never heard of that behaviour. Yes if some mail servers do that I guess it should do a default email. The email from comment author thing can be really handy if you want to reply directly through email.

    The bounces I got earlier referred me to which cites RFC 2822 as their justification.
    Here’s what I did. Just before the infamous line 111 I added:
    $comment_from_email = $comment_author_email;
    if( $comment_author_email == ”) {
    $comment_from_email = $admin_email;
    Then I replaced $comment_author_email on the next line with $comment_from_email
    This may have nothing to do with the problems ginadapooh is having, but at least it will help in some cases.

    I just tried the information from Kelon and it didn’t help. Thank you for the suggestion though. The strangest thing about this is that it worked just fine while I was using 7.0
    Would it be possible to replace the 7.1 with the one from 7.0? Or were there other dependent changes made between the releases?

    There were some important changes. The email thing he mentioned actually has been around since .70.

    Any way to add an html template to email comment notifications as opposed to plain text?

    Does anybody know how to correct this? I’ve changed email address to several different types of email and still can’t receive notification when someone posts a new comment.

    You might be best off starting a new thread, indicating what version of WordPress you have (especially since this thread is a year old, with a former WordPress version).

    Good Point.

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