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    I have a WordPress site at, hosted at I just noticed that a recent automatic update to WordPress 5.5 made all comments associated with posts no longer being displayed. There remained the comments header “12 Responses to A Flat Earth?”, and in admin I could see that the comments still existed, and that there were 12 of them for that post. But beneath the header nothing was displayed. The solution proposed by siteground was to backup previous to the upgrade to 5.5, and they did that for me, so the comments are again visible. However, I am now of course seeing the warning “WordPress 5.5 is available! Please update now.” So I’m nervous.

    I don’t know where in the admin machinery I can find the current (backed-up) version number, but since siteground makes a point of keeping WordPress up to date, what I’m now using is presumably the version that immediately preceded 5.5.

    The site has two plug-ins, Akismet Anti-Spam 4.1.6 and Jetpack 8.6.1 Also, Gutenberg 8.2.1 is listed with Activate in blue and Delete in red; not clear to me whether that means it is being used. Note that these version numbers may be lower than the versions in use when I encountered the problem, since the site has been backed up. The theme is Twenty Ten. The site feels pretty vanilla-flavored; I don’t do anything fancy with WordPress.

    It didn’t occur to me to clear the Chrome cache nor a possible siteground cache, but in my software development work I often clear the Chrome cache, and had done so as recently as a few days ago, so that’s probably not the problem.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • cxwebexperts



    If you still need help with this, send me your admin securely and I will assist you with the fix. Do note that we have to follow the forum rules.



    I’m sorry, but I’m new to this forum and don’t understand what I need to do. What is meant by “send me your admin securely”? Is this a known problem? Am I the only one affected by the update to 5.5?



    I have the same problem
    In stead of the comment , i have : One Response to
    it seems to be a bug



    Misery loves company! I’m sorry for you, but I’m glad to hear that it’s not just me, and that the behavior is exactly the same as I experience.



    In our case it seems to be a combination of the update with a specific template, see also this explanation for the template Mantra.

    We did the following (different template):

    In functions.php of our template, after the line:
    case ”:
    we added one more line:
    case ‘comment’ :
    As for the Mantra template, it seems like WordPress 5.5 has set a specific value for the array key comment_type of the object WP_Comment, the value now being “comment”, different from earlier versions. I have not seen this confirmed elsewhere, but it seems to make sense.

    So I guess all templates that do not allow this value will not allow any comments to be seen.

    The fix worked for us. But I take no responsibility that it will work for any other configuration.



    I re-installed 5.5. Following one of the suggestions for fixing the problem, in the file


    in the function twentyten_comment(), after “case ” :” I added “case ‘comment’:” and I now see the comments. Many thanks for the help!

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