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    Comments left on my site are not being emailed me to at all. Since changing my email address in the Options I’ve only received one notification while the others have not come through. I am using Windows XP and my ISP based email through Outlook Express as opposed to web based email such as Yahoo or Gmail. I can send and receive mail normally, just not notification of comments on my blog. This is a rather sudden thing so I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve never had this issue before when changing the email address.

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  • Did you check the webmail interfaces’ junk folder. I had that problem once and realised that Gmail had decided to junk all the comments (probably because some were actually spam) and they weren’t coming through to my email client.

    I’ve checked and my ISP’s webmail site doesn’t have a junk folder so it’s not going there. It’s not showing up on their servers at all and the email address is correct.

    I myself am not obtaining any emails yet, I have posted some test comments and have not been notified. Is there anything with the scripts or settings that I would need to up. I am using a GMAIL account, and yes nothing is at the junk folder.

    I have tried the same thing as far as posting comments myself to see if I get it emailed to me and nothing. There has to be something wrong somewhere because I am getting all of my other email…just not the ones letting me know that there are comments. I even received one from Spam Karma so I don’t know. I’m at a complete loss.

    I’m having the same issue as well. It just started for me as it hasn’t been an issue before last week. I can send a test email to myself from an outside account and receive it, but I can’t get an email submitted through my blog. This is for comments and for my contact us form. Very frustrating.

    Bummer, sorry I have no other suggestions – hope someone else more cluey than me can provide an answer 🙂

    I’ve checked everything I can think of to no avail. Yes, I too hope someone out there can shed some light on this issue.

    I have had the same experience and it turned out that my site was hacked. Do you see any files in your wordpress folders that shouldn’t be there?

    Nothing looks out of the ordinary. I was going through some of my files and in options-discussions.php I found this line of code which I guess is ok:

    <fieldset class=”options”>
    <legend><?php _e(‘E-mail me whenever:’) ?></legend>

    • <label for=”comments_notify”>
      <input name=”comments_notify” type=”checkbox” id=”comments_notify” value=”1″ <?php checked(‘1’, get_option(‘comments_notify’)); ?> />
      <?php _e(‘Anyone posts a comment’) ?> </label>
    • <label for=”moderation_notify”>
      <input name=”moderation_notify” type=”checkbox” id=”moderation_notify” value=”1″ <?php checked(‘1’, get_option(‘moderation_notify’)); ?> />
      <?php _e(‘A comment is held for moderation’) ?> </label>

    Any other files I could check to see where the problem might be?

    Bumping this up see if anyone out there has any help for this issue.

    1. check your spam traps, junk filters and what have you. I’ve seen many a comment end up in my ISP’s spam filter.
    2. verify that php is configured with the needed support to send email (search for ‘phpinfo.php’)

    Then it could be a wordpress issue although every time it happens to me it was a mail configuration issue or spammer who found a way in.

    I have just had the same problem. I don’t receive e-mail notifications to either my gmail account or my ISP account however I do receive them to my domain mail account. I really didn’t want to have to use domain-based e-mail but it looks like it’s the only way I’ll receive notification of comments. The missing e-mails don’t appear to be being trapped as spam, they just disappear into the ether.

    Further thoughts – Ithe mails to the ISP and Gmail addresses are being discarded because they are being sent by the user “nobody”, ie, the apache user. This is disabled on the server my blog is hosted on as it can make is easier for spammers to send e-mail.

    People having problems should maybe check with their server admins if this is the case for them too. They should be able to use a domain-based e-mail box as the mail is never routed off the server.

    As a matter of interest, would WP change the way that outgoing notifications are handled to avoid this situation? I know that I have no problems with PHP based packages like Gallery and SMF so presumably they are sending mail in a different way?

    Edited to add: I’ve got around it using a plugin I can now receive e-mail notifications at my Gmail account 🙂

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