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  • In the past few weeks I have noticed that less and less of my comments are actually being emailed to me. Some were and some weren’t. Over the weekend and my last two posts none of the comments have been delivered by email. In the WP admin section I have selected:

    E-mail me whenever:
    * Anyone posts a comment
    * A comment is held for moderation

    Yet nothing has arrived. All of the people commenting have commented multiple times in the past and I’ve gotten those comments in my email. It just seems to be recently that they’ve stopped arriving at all. I searched the forum and found a similar situation where the advice was to contact the web host to see if any php changes had been made, so before I posted this topic, I contacted her and was told she hasn’t made any changes.

    What gives?

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  • Sometimes you have to ask five times (or more) until they admit it. Especially, if they screwed up something…

    If a remember well there was also a post saying something in order that some hosts limit the # of emails that can be sent – I just can’t find it now, sorry.

    My webhost is a friend so I don’t think she’d lie to me especially if she knows it messed with my site. The domain itself is almost never updated so I believe her when she says she didn’t touch the php.

    So what do I do?

    No suggestions at all?

    Bumping this up once again for help.

    Well, maybe post what version you’re using?

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