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  • At my site:

    We are facing issues regarding adding comments on to the pages.
    With Facebook comments installed and working till March 2013. We didn’t discover something is wrong with core commenting system also. Due to FB’s application migrations in Feb 2013. The comments stopped working. Also the core wp comments.

    Now I have tried almost all third party plugins for adding commenting and also tried hard to recover the wp commenting back on.
    Nothing was successful. I wonder if some plugin is making issues or if HTACCESS is creating problems. But no, there was nothing wrong with HTACCESS its not blocking comments uri.

    And the plugins I have tried disabling them all and tried switching themes also. No success.

    Please help. And guide how we can re- enable any of commenting systems.

    The FB app and plugins seems to be all in function. Just the data is never been called and it doesn’t appear in post scripts.

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  • You have one or the other, not both, once you enable FB comments functionality in your website, the FB plugin disables the core comments functionality, replacing it with FB one.

    I’m not sure if you can edit the php code of the FB plugin, but if you do, you have to do it everytime you update the FB plugin, because every update is going to delete your changes.

    My advice, choose between FB comments or core comments. It is weird to offer both to people:

    • You cannot answer to a core comment using a FB comment and viceversa.
    • One block is going to be shown above the other.
    • It is possible for both blocks to break your theme or make it looks weird.

    IMHO, i go for the default core comments method, because those dcomments are saved in your website, FB comments are stored in FB servers. Think about it in terms of backing up website content, moderation, fight spam, and so on.

    Cablop I have tried disabling the facebook comments.

    And yes I want to migrate and switch back on the core wp comments functionality.

    The problem is I am unable to turn on any comment system since the FB comments stopped working itself when they did the february migrations on applications.

    I would try deactivating all plugins. I see some indications of the comments template in the source code. Perhaps something else is causing problems.

    Edward I have tried doing so. Please see here that the pictures in slideshow show the comments. But I wonder why the comments are not appearing in normal theme views.

    I would try disabling all plugins. Then i would try upgrading the WordPress itself.

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