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  • use an if statement

    Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the idea of this part of the forums was to suggest feedback on features. Features are the things the code allows users to do without needing to know code. Yeah, I can hack up WP to suit my needs, but what I’m suggesting would be a smarter way for the system to work out of the box. I see it in other systems, and it’s really just because it makes sense.
    If a store is closed, they aren’t going to let you in the front door only to tell you, “Sorry, we’re closed at this time.”

    php is a feature. users don’t have to wait for someone to add something if they really need it.

    I’ll post the solution for this soon. I’m at work now.
    But I must agree with Seth. It’s very simple and logical to think that the commentsbutton should only appear when there Ñre comments and when you allowed them.
    All in all, php and this community make WP the most flexible system around in my opinion, but still there can be done a lot about making it simpler and more userfriendly.
    For instance I find it very annoying (every time I make a post) that there still is no really simple way of inserting images in posts with (optional) links to a larger image, wether that be in a new (popup)window, or embedded in the existing page. Sure, I see all the answers coming: look there and there, use that hack and that plugin. NO! An everyday thing as the use of images in posts should be a standard thing. But for now I can only see that the developers are more into the technical details and enhancing all the possibilities of WP, but they sometimes forget the most obvious. As if they are enhancing the engine but forget that the lock of the doors are still rusty en difficult to open.
    I love WP :), but more time should be put into making it more accessible for more people, with the most common things available without the need of tweaking this or that. Speaking of this, I think the administration area itself could also use an upgrade…

    All good suggestions…and if you are a person who is capable of writing code, then by all means submit some via CVS as patches. That’s the beauty of open source. πŸ™‚

    “and if you are a person who is capable of writing code”…
    I wish I was that person. So the only thing I can do is think aloud with what’s going on in the program, making suggestions and aswering questions where I can.
    I don’t have much to complain however! I’m very happy with WP as it is now, knowing that it is constantly growing. But I must admit the uploading is a daily frustration for me. The only moment when I think back to my happy days with MT. I tried all the hacks and packs etc. but none so simple as the one that comes with MT.
    So if there is someone out there who wants to write uploadhack no.12 …. :):)

    I’m not sure removing the link for post that have comments closed is 100% a good idea. I agree with it in principle, but in practice, it gets a little more complicated. I have posts that automatically close themselves after about 21 days. I still want the comment link on those posts so people can link right to the comments to read them. But in the case where there are no comments at all, then I see no reason to display the link.
    *shrug* I don’t know. Just my two pennies.

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    If both comments and pings are turned off, the comments links is deactivated.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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