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  • I did a quick look around, and I’m not even sure what to look for. I did some housekeeping on my site yesterday after upgrading, including working up another template for pages…some how now, once a person leaves a comment, no one else can on that post.
    It almost appears as though the commented page is loading with my new blank page default, in which I stripped out comments and the sidebar. But I don’t know how that would be determined. Where would I set that option?
    An example of with comments here And no comments here.
    **Edit, upon further review of the source, it appears even though I deactivated the gravatar plugin, it appears that my comments page is still looking for a gravatar, thus giving me a fatal error, and not writing the rest of the page. Guess I need to physically delete some code from my comments.php template.
    Sorry for the waste of space.

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    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gravatar() in /home/miklb/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/MinimaPlus/comments.php on line 28

    Thanks moshu, I edited my post to reflect that I had caught the error too. Let that be a lesson to those who install plugins and then forget what else is entailed with the plugin. DOH!

    Just because it’s deactivated, doesn’t mean all traces are expunged.

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