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  • Hi, I’ve created a custom page, based on a php-file. The page is running correctly, but I cannot include the comments on it. When I add the comments_template();-tag into my template, the form shows up, but after submitting, an empty page (wp-comments-post.php) appears and the comment is not posted. What am I doing wrong? If you want to test it, please visit the following url:

    As you can see, the pingback is registrated correctly, so I think something goes wrong in identifying the page-ID to the comment-post-engine. Am I correct?

    Please help!

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  • I’ve created a custom page, based on a php-file

    I assume that’s the key sentence.
    Is is a Page template and did you create a new Page using that template? Or it is a physical file outside of WP? In theis latter case it doesn’t have a “post-ID” for the comment form – check the source code… and compare with other Pages/posts.

    Yes, I’ve created a “New Page” using the template. It is not a physical file. I see you tested the comments, but you were on the wrong page. You tested it by placing a comment on an article, not on the template-page. (

    By the way, thanks for your effort!

    Nobody can help me?

    I give up… do I?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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