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  • I’d like the entries of my giestbook (which is a normal WP page with comments) to be displayed in descending order (last one first)

    I’ve found out that I can do that by adding “DESC” to ... ORDER BY comment_date"); in /wordpress/wp-includes/

    But that changes the order of the comments for all pages and posts…

    Is there a way to have descending comments for 1 certain page, and all the other pages and posts ascending???

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  • if (is_page('42')) { ...

    doh! gonna try that out now :p

    mm … ok, I thought it was simple, but it isn’t :p

    I’m using a standard comment-functions.php and WordPress 1.5.2. Could you paste the complete code and where exactly to insert it in that comment-functions.php?

    the pagenumber of my guestbook is 17 …

    mm, got it … i don’t know if it’s the nicest solution and sleekest code, but it works :p

    Custom query string plugin fixes this for me!

    Hello i’m seacrching for the same thing here but im not that good in creating my own code. I,m asking can you place the code here and in wich php file you must put it in.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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