Comments, IE6 display, firefox display issues since 2.1 upgrade (2 posts)

  1. urville
    Posted 9 years ago #

    These are all new to the 2.1 upgrade. I have validated the page at this address
    so i know that isnt my issue.

    In firefox only!! tested with firefox and IE6. When I am logged into the admin panel the left sidebar and main post columns will not load, when i click view site, and also if i open the site in another tab or window. it only shows the right sidebar. not sure if it does it to others, but definitely to me.

    Also noticed that clicking a post's "no comment" link will display this:
    in the address bar but wont display the actual page to leave comments

    It also does not display correctly in IE6.

  2. urville
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I completely reinstalled following every step, deleting core files less those listed as DO NOT DELETE, everything to the letter just as before, these issues still exsist in both browsers, I still validate successfully at w3.org. I am using an appropriate version of sql. I have verified through third party users that the comment system is not working. None of this was happening when I was in any of the 2.0.x versions.

    Can someone at least say they have looked at this and dont have any clue, or that the wordpress people are aware of it? please? I just want to know i'm not being brushed off, at least then i can move to a system that at least has a working comment system.

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