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  • I have the Niftycorners javascript on my site to make some of the other elements on the page match the style of the Kubrick header. It works on the main page, the search page, the error page — everywhere except on the individual post page that also has comments.

    For some reason, when looking at the page for an individual post the script just doesn’t run. The only thing I can think is that somehow the php scripts for comments interfere. Niftycorners is supposed to be the last script to load, I believe.

    I don’t know any php, and am afraid to just put the script at the end of comments.php.

    Anyone have a solution? This is driving me nuts.

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  • (I had a problem with the form used to post these questions, and the duplicate post went into limbo. In the meantime, this one has dropped off the table, but without any answer to keep it company.

    Help, help, help. <i>Please.</i>

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