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  • Hi, this is a feature request. Users can make comments on posts, if allowed, but I would like users to be able to make comments on categories. Often a reader has a general comment not strictly related to a particular post. Their only option is to either make a comment on any thread within that category or send an email, this then deprives other readers the opportunity to respond.

    My site is set-up slightly differently to most sites, in that when a user clicks a category link it simply displays the post title (linked) meaning there is normally room for a comment section that doesn’t get lost in the normal display of posts in that particular category.

    What do other WP users think?

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  • Hmm. I’m not sure how much use this would be on the whole for most WordPress users.

    However, I do have a suggestion: set up a Page for each category (Category name = Page name), making sure comments are active and available on them, then add a *comment on category* link at the top of each category to the representative Page. If you list pages you’d have to exclude these from it, and you’d need a bit of PHP to set the comment link dynamically. May work for you, though.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not really a big fan of Pages but I could simply make a post describing in detail the category and then link to this in the category description, which is clearly displayed at the top of each category listing.

    ALthough my post wasn’t really about finding a solution I think you have inspired me to try it.

    Thanks again.

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