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  • Hello,

    Wow, no responses in a week. I thought wordpress was one of the most active communities on the internet.

    Please, can anyone help?

    – Roger

    Hi Roger,

    This may help.

    Have you looked there?

    I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do with Facebook, perhaps explain a bit more?


    We are allowing users to use their FB accounts to post comments on our blog. By default, the blog displays the username as FB379219324 or something similar. What we wan to do is display First Name, Last initial.

    The problem that I have is where do we change that. The interface allows each user to change what is displayed, but we want to change the setting globally, both future and past posts.

    So, thank you, the function will help, but the question is where do I use it? comments.php only makes a call to a function that processes all the posts, but does not give access to the individual post level.

    So where do I go to fix this?

    – Roger

    Are you using some sort of plugin for the FB interaction?

    yes, and no.

    It is a home built plug-in that pulls the info from FB and populates the fields. My question is that once the information is pulled, how can I change the display?

    – Roger

    It is hard to say for sure.

    I’ve seen some themes implement comment functions in functions.php, others in comments.php but bringing in FB may make things a bit different.

    I would suggest finding a similar plugin that is already out there and seeing how they go about doing it.

    Sorry I’m not much help, best of luck.

    Well, the theme is pretty basic, it is more like a customization of the default theme than anything else. No comment plug-ins or anything.

    The comment.php in the template basically calls a Walker type function that I can’t fine that walks down the comment tree. That is what I need to find.

    – Roger

    There is a good chance that function is in the wp-includes folder, which may not be the best thing to edit.

    Customizing WP Comment Fields can be tricky.

    This article is about the best I can find on working with the comment field. Hope it helps.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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