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  • Can anyone out there tell me why my Comments RSS feed isn’t working?!?!
    Nobody else seems to be having this problem! I didn’t modify the file either… I’m at a loss.
    Check out my blog at
    -Chris Simpkins

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  • Can you provide a url? 🙂
    Sometimes an error occurs when the comments contain special characters.

    Sorry, perhaps I should’ve made the address a hyperlink…

    yup errors…
    u sure the complete file is uploaded?

    Yeah, I actually even downloaded a new one from WP and re-uploaded it to make sure it wasn’t corrupt or something.
    But luckily, I figured it out. The build I was downloading had a problem on line 2.
    if (! $feed) {
    was SUPPOSED to be
    if (!isset($feed))
    … hence, my $feed undefined error.

    so u are not on the final 1.2?

    also, REMOVE your EMAIL ID from the top post…

    Actually, both bad downloads were version 1.2. And it wasn’t just a cached zip, because they were downloaded on different computers. *shrug*
    P.S. Is it possible to edit a previous post?

    Well, I just downloaded it again… and it appears that it IS an error in the build that needs to be addressed. I am just curious why nobody else has noticed this…
    Is there someone specific I should contact about this?

    this thread looks good enough. anyways u can send a mail to the dev… the mail id is present in another section of this site…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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