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[Resolved] Comments Empty

  • I have a fairly large database that I am importing (1613 posts, 35996 Comments, 8674 images). The posts and images have come over perfectly and all the comments came too (author, date, etc…) only the comment itself is empty… on ALL of the comments. I can’t find one single comment that actually has content.

    Help please. I have tried deleting the comments and running the import 3x now.


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    Hi JuneLily,
    if you try re-importing you need to remember to empty trash after deleting the comments.
    Do you have Akismet or any 3rd party spam filtering installed on your wordpress site?
    What language are your comments in?
    If you visit the RSS feed for your comments on blogger do they appear correctly there?

    The trash was emptied. The blog is in English. I do not have Akismet running. I do have the following plugins, though:

    Auto Post Thumbnail
    PHP Code Widget

    For some reason my feed address is blank… here is the site:


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    I found your comments feed at


    That all looks fine. I can’t see why it would not transfer.

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    Do you have a custom theme? Perhaps swapping that back for something like 2013 would help?

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    Perhaps disabling your plugins would help?

    Tried WP-Cycle, Maintenance and Auto Post Thumbnail plugins on my site and can still load posts and comments ok.

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    Forgive me if I’m pointing out the obvious but did you check the comments via the dashboard or via the front end of the website?

    I have looked on the front end and don’t see anything. I’ll try disabling PHP Code Widget and see if that makes a difference.

    I do have a custom theme. I guess I can try swapping it and running the uploader again and see if it makes a difference… I’ll keep you posted.

    Do you think there could be any issues with permissions or anything? I have had trouble with the host because of this for various reasons. My custom permalinks wouldn’t work for awhile because they have it set so that they have to manually edit the htaccess file on the server side and my WordPress install can’t do that on it’s own… I wonder if that’s why I can’t see the feed too? Don’t know that that would affect the comments though.

    I am in the middle of uploading the comments again and I am checking them in the dashboard and out front as it goes and they are still blank… should I wait until they all load (does something happen at the end to fill it all in)? Or should I just stop it now and try something else?

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    I was meaning that you should check the dashboard for comments as that would identify any theme display issues.

    If you did not have permissions to talk to google from your site I’d expect nothing to work and you’d get errors before where you are.
    The importer should not need to access any temporary files (other than for downloading the images) so I’d question if that is it.

    The importer does make use of various modules from Apache so it could be that your host is configured a lot differently from mine but no obvious places to check at the moment.

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    Tested ok with PHP Code Widget too

    yes, I can see comments via the dashboard… they are there in name and author, but no content.

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    There is no additional step for the comments so if they appear they should have content too. So yes you can abort the run by pressing “refresh blog list” or navigating off the page.

    I’m still thinking it might be filtering the comments some how.

    If can edit comment-entry.php there is a line

    $comment = wp_filter_comment($comment);

    If you can comment that out

    //$comment = wp_filter_comment($comment);

    And see if that helps.

    I commented out that line that you stated above… uploaded the new file to my site and ran the importer again (this time with twentythirteen to make sure it wasn’t a theme issue either), and it’s still skipping all the content for the comments… I can see authors, dates, everthing… just no content.

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    One last thing to try in your WP_CONFIG file set it to log to file and then re-process one comment.

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

    Note, for testing purposes you only need to delete at least one comment (empty trash), refresh the blog list and then import.

    Once you’ve done that you should have a log file in the wp-content folder.
    Revert your changes from above otherwise you might end up with a big log.
    Have a look at that file to see if it mentioned anything interesting.

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