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  1. standsalone
    Posted 9 years ago #


    I was on here a few weeks ago with a broken comment problem. It was taking my users to a 500 Internal Error page.

    I did what the other user suggested and it worked like a charm. Now - again without changing anything that I know of - commenters can access the comments page and attempt to leave a comment, which looks like it's going to post and instead takes you to a page that never loads. I've tried myself, logged in, and have had the same problem.

    It's standsalone.org/blog. I'd appreciate it if someone could check it out. Comments worked until at least Jan 18th. I swear I haven't modified anything since.


  2. standsalone
    Posted 9 years ago #

    And, joy of joys, my blog no longer renders properly in IE. I updated the other pages of my site last week, but don't see why that would have changed anything to do with the blog.

    And I gave a dead link to my blog before. Sorry about that.

    Is the IE issue something separate? Everytime I think I've got this stuff remotely figured out, I get thrown a curveball.


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