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  • any comment attempted from IE8 throws the error:
    WordPress database error Data too long for column ‘comment_agent’ at row 1 for query INSERT INTO wp_comments

    It works from IE7 and Firefox. I had this with the previous version and just updated. I am running it on an IIS6 PHP5/MySQL5 server.. I believe I have FastCGI enabled on this site too…

    any help would be appreciated…

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  • This error is occurring because IE8 that you are using has a user agent string which is too long to fit into the database. You can solve this issue by uninstalling any add-ons you have for IE8 or by accessing your database and changing the field type for comment_agent in the wp_comments table from varchar(255) to text.

    Great tip. I have a similar site setup as jlehrhoff. I could save comments successfully with FF, but not with IE7. Whenever I tried to submit a comment using IE7, I would get a blank page in return. By increasing the comment_agent field in the wp_comments table to 512, comments are now saved correctly.

    Blue Skies!

    Bill Hely described the solution quite well in his blog at

    Hey ApexPilot, any directions on how to go about doing that? I’m having the same issue as you. How do you fix that?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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