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    Dear forum,

    Yesterday morning I received an email asking me to moderate an apparently blank comment that had been posted to my blog:

    A new comment on the post “BBC Radio 4 discusses Peak Oil (intelligently!)” is waiting for your approval
    Author : (IP: , )
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :

    When I checked my blog all comments from the entire history of the blog had disappeared, both from my dashboard and from the blog itself. However, the correct number of comments on each post is still preserved (i.e. on the main page of the blog it still displays ‘9 comments’, ‘1 comment’, ‘3 comments’ etc against each post), but if you click through there are no comments actually there.

    I wonder whether this indicates database corruption of some kind, since it seems to imply that the comments still exist somewhere?

    I tried posting a new comment on my most recent post, but just received a 404 page. Also, I notice that since doing that, that post (which previously displayed ‘9 comments’) is now displaying ‘No comments’.

    My blog is:
    I have not recently changed the template or added new plug-ins.

    I’m not sure when WordPress auto-updated last, but I am on 3.4.2, and have tried re-installing it (using the automatic option). No effect. My theme is Dark Optimism.

    Does anyone have any idea what has happened or how to fix it?

    On searching the forums I did discover someone else who had an almost identical problem a year ago (including having received an email about an *identical* comment), but they don’t seem to know what fixed it:

    They said that backing up the site on their server seemed to coincide with the problem going away, but I confess I am unclear as to exactly what that means. I can make a back-up on FTP, but I can’t see how that would change anything. Do I need to contact my website hosts to ‘back up the site on the server’?

    Any advice much appreciated.



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  • Ok, like the other poster with the similar problem, we’re not really sure what caused the whole comments table to be deleted, but we DO have the site back up-and-running now. We were eventually able to restore the database from backup.

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