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  • WordPress database error: [Lost connection to MySQL server during query]
    SELECT post_author FROM wp_posts WHERE ID = ‘233’ LIMIT 1

    Then it lists errors starting with wp-comments-post.php on line 51.

    the comments always appear, but the database is not responding to something. This has occured only in the past week. I upgraded 6 weeks ago. Any suggestions?

    I’ve run the upgrade.php
    I’ve deleted the wp-comments file and re uploaded it.
    I’ve changed my user email.

    Nothing seems to help.

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  • If you’ve installed nothing new (plugin? theme?), and you’ve deleted nothing, have you checked with your host to see if they’ve done something, such as maybe upgrade mySQL or php?

    No, I’ve talked to them and nothing has changed. Any other ideas?

    Not really…. but why did you change your user email?

    It was suggested in other support answers regarding comment admission problems. ANd the error here claims post author as the query which failed. I meant I changed the post author name. But changing the name has not improved the problem. I’m stumped. I even switched themes to see if that might highliht something. Last week my theme comments file got corrupted and I had to re upload it. Thanks for any suggestions. David

    Try what is suggested in this thread:

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