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  • Good morning,

    When I enter a custom field in a post it normally flashes yellow, moves up and allows me to add another. This should also be the case with adding replies to comments, yet my new version of WP 3.0 is not doing this. I only see that it has accepted my inputs when I ‘save draft’. With comments it shows a little red box by the cancel button after I save my reply, but it doesn’t close the edit box as it should do.

    I have created my own theme from scratch so is there something in my theme that I am doing wrong? I thought it might be something to do with jquery but how can I test this? I’ve added the call <?php wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?> to my footer (was in my header) but that’s about it. My theme appears to be working just fine otherwise.

    Any clues? Is this happening to anyone else? I could really do with some pointers as I end up adding in the same custom field five times thinking it is not updating!

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