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    Same day I start bringing in members to, the machine goes crazy.

    The main page looks just fine (at least in firefox, but thats another story) yet

    Inexplicably, when you click to a specific post (ie/or when the comments page is open) the whole scheme goes bananas, and I haven’t foggiest idea why.

    Even stranger, is that my on-site demo version of the site (via xxamp) doesn’t seem to be exhibiting this difficulty.

    Could anybody help me pinpoint what’s changing when the comments show up, so I can find where the problem is?? Thank a lot!


    EDIT/PS: every non-main page (ie, even author pages with no comment boxes) is screwed up.

    Yet, when I close comments, everything goes back to normal.

    Anyone who can help as soon as possible gets a Roger-Rabbit-esque smooch.

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  • Your best bet is to start by validating your HTML/CSS; most unusual layout problems result from incorrect code.

    and there are tons of left out tags, unclosed ones, misplaced ones all throughout.

    you guys are talking inside my theme, that i need to find them?

    well theme + plugins + any other place there is html

    is there a way to identify which is causing the error, as it didnt exist until this evening? is there a way to see what is changing when one goes go the comments section that therefore makes the page bug out, and then i can track that down?

    did you add any new plugins? turn those off..
    offhand id say it had related to feedburner.. but it could be anything

    i turned on a thousand, but when i turn them off, the problem doesnt go away…. only when i turn off comments

    ie, is there a method to detect what is changing between the frontpage and any other page?

    id say its the fact comments are displayed on the other pages and not the front?

    when you add pluings, you only want to add one at a time, check and then do another… this is part of the reason why

    well, even pages where comments doesn’t appear (ie, ) go awry

    yet clearly closing comments fixes the bug

    whats the best way to find the actual part of the comments code that is bugging things up?


    do plugins make permanent changes? even when all are de-activated, the problems remain.

    some can… it depends. some plugins you ahve to manually add extra code in the html to get them to work. deactiviating them might still leave the extra code there if you had to add any.

    id say deactivate them all, check it for HTML and XHTML validity, CSS validity, fix it so its structured right, then add them one by one

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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