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  • Very strange. Two of my blogs (so far…) have suddenly closed all comments on all posts. One of the two blogs has two posts with open comments, the two posts published yesterday. The other blog hasn’t been updated since Sep 17 and the same thing happened there.

    In addition to having comments on EVERY blog post (except the two listed above) deselected on EACH blog page, there are other weird issues. Three discussion setting that I have never used, never set, and certainly did not change recently were checked today on BOTH blogs.

    (1) Users must be registered and logged in to comment
    (2) An administrator must always approve the comment
    (3) Break comments into pages with…

    Strangely, neither of them had the “Automatically close comments on articles older than x days” — even though that is what seems to have happened.

    Similar problems are documented here and here.

    Tried deactivating EVERY plugin – no change. Tried changing to default theme – no change.

    It seems I can change these manually — although I don’t know if they will eventually revert — but I have hundreds of posts.

    Any ideas???

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  • I went through both blogs and made bulk changes — page by page — to reopen the comments the day I posted this.

    Today, all comments are closed again on BOTH blogs. The home improvement blog has been updated. The blog setup blog hasn’t been touched since I posted. I haven’t even been to the site since I corrected it and now it’s comments are closed.

    Any ideas???? Please!

    I manually reopened every post yesterday. Closed automatically again today. On both sites. I haven’t done anything to either one today.

    Does anyone have ideas about this?

    I think I have found a clue to this problem — if anyone at WP cares.

    Last night I was looking at the back end of my easy blog setup blog. I don’t recall what I was doing when I went to bed, but whatever it was, it triggered the login popup window that comes up to allow you to re-login without losing your data. When I got up this morning, the popup window was on the screen.

    THAT blog, again today, had all comments closed and all above settings changed.

    My custom home blog — that I did not open and that did not have the popup login window — is fine, with no changes.

    Apparently, that wasn’t the issue. (Although that still would have been a serious bug.) This problem still occurs with both blogs whether or not they are open.

    I’m still hoping for some feedback…any feedback. This happens every single day.

    Today one of the blogs reverted once and the other twice. I did nothing to update the one that reverted twice except to re-open the comments and change the discussion settings back.

    Please, does anyone have input on this?

    I’m still really hoping ANYONE has info on this. This is ruining my blogs because I can’t get any comments unless someone catches the blog when it’s actually open. Please? Input?

    Deactivated ALL plugins, went to default theme, AND repaired database (nothing to repair, BTW), and the blog still closed all comments and change the settings a couple of hours later.

    Freak. I see strange incidents of this all over the web in small numbers. Anyone help?

    Happening 2–3 times per day now. Anyone?

    Yea I’m having a similar problem. The silence is deafening….

    True that, rjhayton. Hoping to find more people with this problem so that we might warrant some attention.

    BTW, you can bulk edit your posts, but as far as I know you can only do it a page of posts at a time.

    Go to Posts>Posts

    Click the checkbox next to “Title.”

    Select “Edit” under the “Bulk Actions” popup menu.

    Click “Apply.”

    Select “Allow” under “Comments” and “Pings.”

    Select “Update.”

    Go to the next page and do it again. And again. And again. 🙁

    Found a clue to this problem — albeit probably a small one.

    My blogs seem *relatively* stable — as long as I leave most of the posts with closed comments. As soon as I take the time to open all the comments, they all revert again.

    To be clear, sometimes it happens when all comments aren’t open, but doesn’t seem to occur as often. Last night — after about a week with one blog being stable — I opened all it’s comments. By morning they had all reverted to closed with changed discussion settings.

    Please, someone look into this. It’s not a plugin or theme issue.

    I haven’t had the problem of it closing my comments again yet. I changed my settings and mass opened the comments on my posts. Then I disabled all plugins, and after about 12 hours or so I enabled Akismet, then later that day I enabled some of the other plugins. So far I haven’t had any repeat issues.

    I disabled all plugins for only an hour or so, and then re-enabled most. Did bulk edit, still okay.

    I just realized I didn’t reactivate feedburner or google analytics plugins, though! I don’t think either are particularly useful to me – especially analytics. So I just reactivated only feedburner.

    I’ll report back if that makes a difference.

    I think it can make a difference where you are when you turn the computer off – I don’t shut down the pages, let Firefox do it. Sometimes the next day I have to log in again, but mostly not.

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