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    In order to cut down on the number of spam comments I have to delete, I went through my blog and turned off the comments on all posts from before January 1 of this year. Despite this, for the past two months, I’ve still been getting comment spam coming through that I have to mark for deletion.

    I first noticed this problem with v2.0.3 and several nights ago updated to v2.1.3 in hopes of getting rid of it. Tonight I noticed comments were still coming in to the moderation queue even though the UI said they were turned off.

    To be thorough, I went into mySQL and checked the posts table. Sure enough, the comment_status column for all posts older than 1-1-07 was set to closed.

    It appears that just because comments are turned off doesn’t mean they won’t be accepted. Searching through the support forum history, it appears that this issue goes back at least four months (

    Is there a way to block spammers from submitting comments on a post that’s been marked as not allowing them?


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  • did you turn off trackbacks as well?

    Surprisingly, no. My newer posts don’t allow pings, but the older ones do. I’ll fix that momentarily.

    But why would that allow comments to come in? There seems to be some nuance I’m missing.

    It’s not clear to me why allowing pings would allow comments to come in (they seem like entirely different things) but there’ve been no spam comments on the closed posts for the past 48 hours.

    Time to declare victory. 🙂

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